Laker Information

Your Student ID Card is something that you will find EXTREMELY important in your time here at Nipissing. Why? Check out below and see all the benefits you can get from it.

What Does Your Student Card Do?

Bus Pass: For full-time students, the student card is used as a bus pass. Part-time students are able to buy the bus pass element through the Nipissing University Finance Office.

Gym Membership: This card provides you with the ability to use the Robert J. Surtees Student Athletics Centre facilities on a daily basis throughout the school year.

Library Card: In order to book rooms, borrow books and equipment, or print things off at the library you will need this card!

Exam Identification: Throughout the year you will need to use this as your identification when sitting an exam. Make sure you take it with you!

Health and Dental Plan: Our health provider ACL has its Group Number, Student Number and QR Reader on the back which will lead you straight to their website:

Food Bank: The NUSU Office will need to see your card in order for you to use the food bank. It is important that you let us know what food allergies you have so we can try and accommodate.

Student Discounts: Use this card for discounts in local businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants. This can also be used to get great deals with bus companies so make sure you use it to go home and visit your family at Thanksgiving!

Food Plan: This card can be loaded with money for your food plan through the cafeteria. Go to for more details!

What If I Lose This?: You can go to UTS (A139) and get a new one for a small fee; however, the second time is much more than the first. Try to keep your student card with you at all times seeing as it can be used for SO MUCH!