The Art of Tangles

The Art of Tangles

We have now reached the time period in the semester in which we are struggling to find the motivation to continue the hard work we have been applying to our papers, projects, and presentations. With all of this work on hand, we may sometimes forget to find the time to destress. I would like to share with you an activity I engage in almost every day.

To the untrained eye, Zentangles may appear to be beautifully planned doodles. And as enticing as it is to classify them as doodles, a form of art we are all familiar with, it would be misleading to reduce an elegant art form into a definition that suits our tastes. In doing so, the art form would be deprived of its richness.

Zentangles are a method of meditation through artistic expression. The Zentangle Method focuses on creating abstract drawings which are composed of patterns, or tangles, that are fabricated one stroke at a time and build upon each other. The Zentangler is required to concentrate on the tangles manifesting from the ink of their pen, which is similar to an individual who centralises on their breath during meditation. Essentially, the Zentangle Method does not have a predetermined idea of the ending result. Its objective is to enhance one’s personal creativity in order to compose an appreciated and whimsical drawing the Zentangler is comfortable with. Simply put, the Zentangler is engrossed in the manipulation of tangles to heighten their well-being and mindfulness, while simultaneously providing artistic satisfaction.

“Keep creating, it will change your life.” Not only does creating add beauty to your life, but also it improves our attitude and personal outlook.”
— Beckah Krahula (One Zentangle A Day: A Six Week Course in Creative)





Mikee Layaoen is a fourth year student in the Psychology program minoring in Human Resources

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