What is #nuperspective?

It’s time to put sexual violence into perspective #nuperspective

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#nuperspective is Nipissing University’s campaign to end sexual violence through education, prevention and outreach. The teal colour used in the logo is the official colour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The hashtag is included as a symbol to start a campus-wide conversation around preventing sexual violence. Throughout the year, #nuperspective will be organizing events and initiatives on campus focused on sexual violence prevention and education. This #nuperspective web page is a resource for survivors, supporters and NU community members, providing information on how to support a survivor, NU policies and procedures, options for survivors, community resources, and events.

Please join us in ending sexual violence by standing alongside NU in supporting survivors. Live the #nuperspective.


Please note that all external links and resources posted on the nuperspective website, nulistens website or the nuperspective/nulistens pages on nusu.com are not meant to replace face-to-face consultation with or diagnoses by qualified professionals, nor are they meant to be “on-line counselling.” The listing of external sites does not imply that Nipissing University or its staff endorse all of the information located there. We cannot guarantee that all information on each site is accurate or complete. The resources and guidelines offered on this site are suggestions only, and do not substitute for consultation with a qualified Mental Health or Medical Professional.

By using these external links, you must agree to not hold the websites themselves, their staff or partners, or Nipissing University staff liable, or make any claims of damages of any kind, including claims of damages based on action taken by you related to the information contained on the respective websites.

Your use of these websites constitutes your agreement to the above terms.

NUPerspective and NUListens have been created by university for our students. If you have any questions please contact the university.

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