Mature & Transfer Students

Mature & Transfer Students

We at NUSU welcome all of our Mature & Transfer Students. We value your contribution to the university and invite you to drop by and speak with your NUSU Executives throughout the year.

Mature Students
Nipissing is enhanced by the presence of mature students on our beautiful campus. If you are a Mature Student or consider yourself a Mature Student, please feel free to stop by, speak with us, ask questions and bring us feedback. Our goal is to provide you with a centralized academic and social community so that you can find information pertaining to you and your needs within our office.

Transfer Students
Education is not just about sitting in a classroom, but also learning from each other. Transfer Students’ ideas and input are valued and we always have our door open to hear of how other educational institutions have enhanced your student experience.

The Mature & Transfer Students Program (through Student Learning & Transitions) is a great source of help. They are continually organizing events and workshops to help enrich your educational and social experiences on and off campus.

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