Humans of Nipissing U- Ben Bao

Humans of Nipissing U- Ben Bao

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone?

“Don’t believe in whatever I say. Because whatever I say is from my opinion, my perspective, concluded from my experience and it is not representative of any kind of your experience, of your mind. That’s probably one thing I realized coming here. I realized how different people can be and there’s no point in me trying to inflict or impose my opinions on other people so that they are the same with mine, because we are never going to be the same. Never. Right? If somebody invented some crazy mind infecting virus, you can probably make everyone the same. Now I’m just getting too sci-fi here. Don’t believe what people say to you and try to kind of think independently. And don’t even believe in THAT! [laughs]”

Ben Bao

Photo by ©Isaac Bender

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