Humans of Nipissing U- Adele Orr

Humans of Nipissing U- Adele Orr

“Oh, I’m a hard core fan [of Harry Potter]. Absolutely. [My favourite was] uh, number six. Yeah number six. Unpopular opinion but I think number six was the best one [of the series]. I don’t know, there’s just something about it! It’s got… In my opinion it’s got the most action. People will fight that, but uh, it’s, I don’t know I just really like the book! A lot happens. A lot is revealed in that book. There’s a lot of mystery in that one, a lot of weirdness. Things that you didn’t expect to happen then all of a sudden… You see kind of a darker side to some good characters that you’ve been taught to, not worship but like adore. And then you see a lighter side to some dark characters… It’s my favourite in the series.”

Adele Orr

Photo by ©Isaac Bender

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