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‘See It Before You Sign It!’

‘See It Before You Sign It!’ Off-Campus Student Housing Fire Safety We are working in partnership with North Bay Fire & Emergency Services to help ensure the fire safety of our students. Every fall, supporters help their students move into off-campus houses and apartments.  And so often, this is the first time that the supporters have seen where their students will be living. What’s important to students when it comes to picking off-campus housing might not include things such as smoke alarms or two ways out. Before a lease gets signed, whether you are a co-signer or not, help your child make a fire safe – fire smart choice,  ‘See It Before You Sign It.’  If you can’t do it in person, have them give you a virtual tour. This ‘Safe Student Housing Fire Safety Checklist’ will help to make a wise choice:


Hello Lakers, We wanted to update all of our members that the NUSU office will be closed until a tentative date of April 6th. However, all staff and executives are working from home, and will be accessible by email.  During the next few weeks the office will be open for food bank operations only on:  - Wednesday, March 18th (8:30am-4:30pm) - Wednesday, March 25th (8:30am-4:30pm) - Wednesday, April 1st (8:30am-4:30pm) For questions regarding the food bank, please contact [email protected] For any health plan related questions, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-315-1108 For any other questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] Please ensure that you are regularly checking your student emails for updates and information. We recognize these can be stressful times, so please remember to educate yourselves, check in on your friends and family, and practice good self-care. For mental health services (phone and online) please go to: For updates from the university, please go to The safety of our students and our team is our highest priority. Everyone stay safe out there, and be kind to one another. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.   Regards, NUSU Team

NUSU Statement on Nipissing University Faculty and Administration Bargaining

Within the last forty-eight hours, NUSU has been contacted by multiple students concerning a recent statement to the media from the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA). On Thursday, August 22nd, NUFA released a statement to the media regarding current negotiations surrounding the contracts of full-time academic staff.  NUFA stated that the Nipissing University Administration has "filed with the Ministry of Labour to send in a conciliator" and that negotiations are at a “standstill until mid-September".  While bargaining has been taking place, NUSU has met with both the University Administration and the Faculty Association. We have appreciated the transparency and communication from both sides.  We would like to publicly remind the Faculty Association and University Administration that it is imperative that an agreement is reached and that the academic and financial welfare of students are kept in mind. We are concerned about the stress this adds to students with other government changes, and funding constraints, which is why we are hoping for a quick resolution. Our students, both on campus and long distance, remain our number one priority and we will continue to advocate that Nipissing University remains an institution committed to quality education.  We understand that this information can be alarming to our membership; however, we are dedicated to ensuring that student voices and concerns are heard. At this moment there is no other information until talks resume in mid-September. We will continue to communicate with the student body should there be any updates.                                                                                                        - 30-  NUSU Statement re_ Bargaining 2019

NUSU Statement on Education

The Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) has expressed disappointment in the recent news of changes to education from the provincial government.   Since the announcement in January regarding the new tuition framework for Ontario universities, many student unions and students have been concerned about the future of education. This matter was furthered by the changes to elementary and secondary education. Of particular concern for our students is the removal of the interest-free grace period, the changes to OSAP, services fees opt-out, as well as the grant to loan ratio. By significantly lowering the qualifying family income threshold, and shifting the focus from grants to loans, the provincial government is limiting accessibility and imposing a greater burden of debt on students. Many of our students have expressed that they feel they are no longer able to pursue a postgraduate degree due to the lack of grants now offered. Minister Fullerton has stated that her ministry has heard directly from numerous groups regarding the changes to elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools. We have been unable to find which groups have been consulted and in what format their feedback was received. We are worried that the voice of the north has been muted and the difference in needs to our southern counterparts has not been considered. We stand with the high school students voicing their concerns about the proposed changes. A large portion of Nipissing University’s population are concurrent, consecutive, or Faculty of Education students. These individuals are hoping to spend their lives working with youth and positively contributing to this province, yet their future is now uncertain as there will be a reduction in jobs as well as support through educational assistants. The increased class sizes and mandatory online courses will not only impair learning for students that require one-on-one interaction, but it will also severely lower the number of teaching positions available. This will lead to fewer extra-curricular activities being offered both in sports and in the arts. These changes also impact those of our students who are parents. The mandatory online classes will increase the financial barrier that many have when it comes to education. Although these classes will still be part of the high school curriculum, those who do not have access to personal computers or internet at home, will struggle to complete the assignments. To see funding being taken away from schools, the very institutions that support and shape the future of this province, is a concern. This is exacerbated by the fact that millions of dollars are now being funnelled into programs such as horse racing. This is telling the youth of Ontario that their education and future is less important than these programs. Although we understand that cuts must be made to lower the deficit, these cuts should not be made on the backs of educators or students. We implore Minister Fedeli and Minister Fullerton to engage with educational bodies, students and parents in an open and transparent forum, to see the long-term effects of their changes. -NUSU Executive

NUSU First in Country to Partner with Military Veteran Family Program

MEDIA RELEASE 28th August 2017 The Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) and the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) announced their partnership today in an effort to give more assistance to military families and former personnel. Acknowledging the valuable skills and strengths acquired from military training and military family life, while being proactive to the potential challenges that can arise in a university environment during a Veteran or family member’s transition from military to civilian life, the Nipissing University Student Union and the Military Family Resource Centre have forged a partnership. “It is our hope that members, veterans and families will feel accepted, understood, and valued for their important skills and experiences as they adapt to the university environment. NUSU, the MFRC, and the Veteran Family Program are committed to easing the transition from military to civilian life for members, veterans and their families,” said Tina Thomason, Veteran Family Program Coordinator for the North Bay Military Family Resource Centre. The Nipissing University Student Union is the first Student Union in Canada to partner with MFRC and their Veteran Family Program. “We applaud the work that the MFRC does for those who protect our country and the families that support them. It is an honour that we are the first Student Union in Canada to partner with the Military Family Resource Centre, especially the Veteran Family Program” stated NUSU VP Governance and Legal Affairs, Cooper Allen. With Frosh Week starting tomorrow and engaging over 400 new students, the Student Union had over 60 Frosh Leaders attending the press conference dressed in red in honour of the service personnel of Canada. Sydney Lamorea, NUSU President stated, “It was a fantastic moment to be able to see so many of our Frosh Leaders stand in support of this partnership. With Frosh Leaders being one of the first groups new students encounter, it is important that former military personnel and family members know that they can speak to our staff, executives and frosh leaders for assistance in their transition.” MP Anthony Rota, who was unable to attend the press conference, sent a message of congratulations to both parties. “Congratulations to the Nipissing University Student Union and the North Bay Military Family Resource Centre for establishing this exceptional new partnership and helping former service personnel, and the loved ones who stand behind them, reach their post-military educational and career goals." To find out more information about the MFRC and Veterans Family Program, please visit For more information about NUSU please visit


Hello and welcome to our new website and blog. We are hoping to make this an interactive area of the website where students are able to show off their creativity. We are calling our blog W.H.A.M.that stands for WRITING, HUMOUR, ART and MUSIC. We want this to be a space for students to show off different talents and have a creative outlet. We are looking for items such as:
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Graphic design
  • Artwork
  • Humourous stories
  • Jokes
  • Videos of music you’ve created
  • Sound clips of music you’ve created
Sound like something you might be interested in? Then email Director of Communications, Sarah McGowan at [email protected]