Elections 2020

Elections 2020

VP Finance and Administration/ Director Senator Elections Results

VP Finance & Administration
Aamil Mohammed Ferhath – 59
Ward Loveday – 241
Jessica Noakes – 114
Tayler Sullivan – 105
Jessica Wells – 205
Abstain – 148

Congratulations to Ward Loveday on becoming the Vice-President of Finance and Administration for 2020/2021. Thank you to all the candidates who ran in this election.

Patrick Bethune – Yes 449 – No 181 – Abstain 242
Hannah Brown-Thiesen – Yes 500 – No 139 – Abstain 233
Charlotte Foster – Yes 460 – No 185 – Abstain 227
Sarah Pecoskie-Schweir – Yes 398 – No 201 – Abstain 273

Congratulations to Patrick, Hannah, Charlotte and Sarah who will be part of our Board of Directors for 2020/2021. There will be a by-election in the Fall to fill the remaining spots for our Board.

Arts & Science Student Senator
Charlotte Foster – Yes 606 – No 81 – Abstain 185

Congratulations to Charlotte who will represent Arts & Science students in Academic Senate.

Education & Professional Studies Student Senator
Sarah Pecoskie-Schweir – Yes 584 – No 74 – Abstain 214

Congratulations to Sarah who will represent Education & Professional Studies students in Academic Senate.

There will be a by-election in the Fall to fill the remaining student senator spot for Graduate Students.

For any questions regarding anything to do with elections, please contact [email protected] Thank you!


VP Finance and Administration Candidates

Aamil Mohammed Ferhath


Jessica Noakes


Tayler Sullivan


Jessica Wells

Jessica Wells’ Platform

Director Candidates

Patrick Bethune

Patrick Bethune’s Platform

Hannah Brown-Thieson

Sarah Pecoskie-Schweir

Arts and Science Senator Candidates

Charlotte Foster
















Charlotte Foster’s Platform

 Education & Professional Studies Student Senator

Sarah Pecoskie-Schweir

The debate will happen on March 11th, 7pm in the Nipissing University Theatre (F213). You can also watch the livestream below. If you have questions for any of the candidates please email [email protected] from your Nipissing student email account.

The Information Package provides most, if not all, the information you will need as a Candidate. It will remain on the website as a reference throughout the election.
NUSU Exec 2020 Information Package
NUSU Director_Senator 2020 Information Package

Job Descriptions: 
VP Finance and Administration

Important Dates: 
February 12th: Election information goes out
March 6th at 11am: Election packages are due
March 6th at 3pm: All-Candidates meeting
March 9th – March 18th: Campaign Period
March 11th – VP Finance & Administration Debate
March 16th – 18th: Voting Period
March 19th: Announcement

If you have any questions please reach out to our Elections Committee at [email protected] or to Xander Winter, Chief Returning Officer, at [email protected]


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Vacation Policy



Hannah Mackie
Yes – 844 | No – 114 | Abstain – 188

Vice-President Advocacy & Awareness
Mykayla King
Yes – 763 | No – 119 | Abstain – 264

Vice-President Student Life
Shannon MacCarthy
Yes – 764 | No – 169 | Abstain – 213

Congratulations to these candidates who will be executives for the 2020/2021 year!

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