Elections 2019

Elections 2019


Jordan Drummond – 240
Hannah Mackie – 463
Madilynne Roblot – 160
No – 6

Thank you to all candidates for running. Congratulations to Hannah Mackie on being the 2019-2020 President.

Patrick Bethune
Yes – 572 | No – 233 | Abstain – 345

Kirsten Cartwright
Yes – 595 | No – 207 | Abstain – 346

Zachary Cooper
Yes – 591 | No – 233 | Abstain – 320

Cherisee DaCosta
Yes – 545 | No – 269 | Abstain – 334

Natalie Muylaert
Yes – 523 | No – 242 | Abstain – 379

Xander Winter
Yes – 672 | No – 187 | Abstain – 286

Congratulations to all those who ran who are now on our Board of Directors for the 2019/2020 year.

Natalie Muylaert (Arts & Science)
Yes – 709 | No – 105 | Abstain – 330

Congratulations to Natalie who will represent Arts & Science in the 2019/2020 year.

**Please note that there is a Presidential Debate on Thursday, March 14th at 7:30pm in the Nipissing Theatre (F213). All are welcome. The debate will be live streamed on Facebook. If you would like to send in a question for the debate you can email [email protected] from your Nipissing student email

Jordan Drummond                         Hannah Mackie                                Madi Roblot
Jordan PlatformHannah PlatformMadi Platform

Whoever is successful in their running for President will work with the three individuals who were voted into the VP Finance & Administration, VP Advocacy & Awareness and VP Student Life positions.

Patrick Bethune                       Kirsten Cartwright                       Zachary Cooper

Patrick PlatformKirsten PlatformZachary Platform

Cherisee DaCosta                        Natalie Muylaert                         Xander Winter
Cherisee PlatformNatalie PlatformXander Platform

If all candidates are successful in their bid there will still be four positions remaining on the NUSU Board of Directors. We will be running by-elections in September to fill those positions.

 Natalie Muylaert
Arts & Science Senator   

Natalie Platform

There is currently no one running for the Applied & Professional Studies, Graduate Studies or Education Senator positions. We will be running by-elections in September to fill those positions.

NUSU President, Director-at-Large and Student Senator Election

President Nomination Package: 2019_2020 President Package
Director/Senator Nomination Package: 2019_2020 Director_Senator Package

Important Dates: 

  • Nomination Period: March 4th – March 8th
  • Nomination Package, Campaign Materials, Posters, Platform & Photo Due: March 8th at 3pm (NUSU Office – F205)
  • All Candidates Meeting: March 8th at 4pm (NUSU Office – F205)
  • Campaign Period: March 11th – March 20th
  • Voting Period: March 18th – March 20th
  • Announcement: March 21st

You MUST hand in the package by 3pm on Friday, March 8th. If you have questions email [email protected]

The President is the CEO and oversees general management and supervision. This includes acting as Chairperson for NUSU Executive and Board of Director meetings, as well as being a representative on the NU Board of Governors and NU Academic Senate. The President works with their fellow executives to ensure the student voice is heard both on and off campus.

To understand what the position of the President is please see here: 2019 President Job Description

Frequently Asked Questions: NUSU Exec Election FAQs

The Board of Directors is the highest level decision-making body at NUSU. The Directors-at-Large do not specifically represent any one constituency, but rather they have been elected to represent all students equally.

There are ten (10) positions available
Director-at-Large Job Description
Board of Directors Policy

Student Senator:
A Student Senator is a Nipissing University student, in good academic standing, who wants to contribute to the academic growth of the institution. You will work with Faculty and Academic Support Staff to make sure that students attending Nipissing University continue to get a quality education.

There are four (4) positions available:

  • Applied & Professional Studies Senator
  • Arts & Science Studies Senator
  • Education Senator
  • Graduate Studies Senator


NUSU By-Laws


Board of Directors Policy

Elections Policy 2018

Employee Conduct Policy

Hours of Operation Policy

Medical Leave Policy

Overtime Policy

Time-in-Lieu Procedure Policy

Vacation Policy



Vice-President Finance & Administration
Tayler Sullivan
Yes – 792
No – 66
Abstain – 326

Vice-President Advocacy & Awareness
Joshua Chan – 265
Charlotte Foster – 634
No – 39
Abstain – 246

Vice-President Student Life
Kayla Greenman – 397
Shannon MacCarthy – 436
No – 40
Abstain – 311

Congratulations to all candidates for running. We look forward to working with Tayler, Charlotte and Shannon.

Executive Candidates 2019

** Please note that there are NO candidates for the role of President. We will be running a by-election for this position from March 4th until March 20th. This will coincide with the Senator/Director nomination period.

Vice-President Finance and Administration

Tayler Sullivan
Tayler Sullivan Platform

Vice-President Advocacy and Awareness
Joshua Chan
Josh Chan Platform

Charlotte Foster
Charlotte Foster Platform

Vice-President Student Life

Kayla Greenman
Kayla Greenman Platform

Shannon MacCarthy
Shannon MacCarthy Platform

On Tuesday, October 30th NUSU held their Annual General Meeting (AGM). At this AGM it was passed to have the Executive positions go from 5 positions to 4 positions. The positions were consolidated to become the following positions:

– President
– Vice-President, Finance and Administration
– Vice-President, Advocacy and Awareness
– Vice-President, Student Life

To understand what these positions require please see the job descriptions below.

Executive Election Nomination Package

This document can be downloaded from this page or picked up from the NUSU Office (F205). If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

2019 Executive Nomination Package

You MUST hand in the package by 3pm on Friday, January 18th. If you have questions email [email protected]

Important Dates:

Package Released: December 17th, 2018

Nomination Period: Monday, January 14th​, 2019 – Friday, January 18th, 2019

Nomination Package, Campaign Materials, Posters, Platform & Photo Due: Friday, January 18​th​, 2019 at 3:00pm (NUSU Office – F205)

All-Candidates Meeting: Friday, January 18th at 4:00pm (NUSU Office-F205)

Campaigning Period: Monday, January 21​st,​ 2019 – Wednesday, January 30t​h​,2019

Debate: January 23r​d​, 2019 at 6:00pm in the Nipissing Theatre (Room F213)

  • Watch the recording here: https://livestream.com/accounts/12683091/events/7768764/videos/186234769

Voting: Monday, January 28​th​, 2019 at 9:00am – Wednesday, January 30t​h​, 2019 at 11:59pm

Announcement: Thursday, January 31s​t,​ 2019

Frequently Asked Questions
NUSU Exec Election FAQs

Job Descriptions: 

2019 President Job Description

2019 VP Finance & Administration Job Description

2019 VP Advocacy & Awareness Job Description

2019 VP Student Life Job Description

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