By-Elections 2017

By-Elections 2017

Student Senator and Director-At-Large By-Elections

Important Dates: 

  • Nomination Period – September 11th-15th
  • Packages Due- September 15th at 4pm
  • All Candidates Meeting- September 15th at 5pm (NUSU, F205)
  • Campaign Period – September 18th-27th
  • Voting Period – September 25th-27th

Student Senator:
A Student Senator is a Nipissing University student, in good academic standing, who wants to contribute to the academic growth of the institution. You will work with Faculty and Academic Support Staff to make sure that students attending Nipissing University continue to get a quality education.

There are three (3) positions available:

  • Applied & Professional Studies Senator
  • Education Senator
  • Graduate Studies Senator

The Board of Directors is the highest level decision-making body at NUSU. The Directors-at-Large do not specifically represent any one constituency, but rather they have been elected to represent all students equally.

There are three (3) positions available.
Director at Large Description
Board of Directors Policy (Aug 23rd 2016)

Why Do Either Of These Positions?:
This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in Nipissing University or NUSU. It is also an important experience to add to your resume.

Download The Nomination Package Here: 
Nomination Package DS By-Election 2017

More Information: 
Any questions you have concerning the package please email Cooper Allen at [email protected]
Elections Policy (Aug 23rd 2016)
NUSU By-Laws

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