Update re: Collaborative Nursing Program

This morning NUSU and NUNS created and submitted an Academic Appeal to Nipissing University on behalf of our impacted Nursing Students, and called for the immediate change of all UNSAT, INP, or INC grades to Satisfactory for students who have been deemed satisfactory in all administered and completed aspects of the identified courses. Due to the timing of the submission, it appears that our appeal has overlapped with the decision of Nipissing University and Canadore College to overturn the grades of the identified nursing classes.

We are pleased to see that Nipissing University and Canadore College have acted in the spirit of the Collaborative Program, and that both institutions have made this decision collegially.

However, this only addresses one of the five calls to action NUSU and NUNS have outlined for Canadore College.

To reiterate;

-We call on Canadore College to immediately apologize to impacted students for the stress, and unprofessional behaviour demonstrated by Canadore Clinical Instructors, and Administration.

-We call on Canadore College to implement sensitivity and professionalism training for all of their Clinical Instructors and Administrators.

-We call on Canadore College to publicly stand against unprofessional, and uncollegial commentary about their collaborative partners to students, and demonstrate the professionalism and respect for colleagues and students that is expected of nursing students in their education and future professional careers.

-We call on Canadore College to respond to the group student complaint discussed with the Dean of Faculty of Environmental and Health Science on April 1st.

The advocacy work is not done. While Canadore College may have taken corrective action against their unethical and unprofessional behaviour, no communicated accountability has been taken. It is critical to see what flags these actions of Clinical Instructors and Administrators mean for the future of this program, and why the above demands are necessary.

In Solidarity,