Elections- Valedictorian

Elections- Valedictorian

Valedictorian Results

Ceremony A:

Katelyn Kuzmich- 36
Megan McMaster- 32
Spoil- 45

Although there are more spoils than votes for either candidate, the one with the most votes is the successful candidate.

Ceremony B:

Megan Cyr- 33
France Gagnon- 22
Markus Hawco- 31
Spoil- 11

Ceremony C:

Cassandra Fernandes- 35
No- 4
Spoil- 4

Ceremony D: 

Laura Stemp
Yes- 86
No- 28
Spoil- 5

Ceremony E:

Kate Gilkinson- 35
Patrick Chase Ritskes- 47
Spoil- 1

Convocation Ceremonies
To find out which convocation ceremony you will be graduating at, and therefore voting for, please see here:
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