Elections- Senator

Elections- Senator

What is a Student Senator?

A Student Senator is a Nipissing University student, in good academic standing, who wants to contribute to the academic growth of the institution. As a Student Senator, you work with Faculty and Academic Support Staff to make sure that students attending Nipissing University continue to get a quality education. This is done in large part by Senators serving on a number of committees that discuss changes to policies and programs that affect students.

Attendance at Senate Meetings is extremely important, as Student Senators are the voice on behalf of students. Student Senators who miss three sessions of Senate without submitting notice or good reason will face disciplinary actions.

If you have questions relating to being a Student Senator please contact VP Governance at [email protected]

2017 Senator Elections Results:

Arts & Science
Kaitlyn Walker
Yes- 298
No- 75
Spoil- 108

There are still Student Senator positions available.

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