I’m Divided Against Myself…

I’m Divided Against Myself…

I’m divided against myself
The parts of me fighting for domination
Cutting out the weak bits
And letting them die

Don’t be afraid
Don’t fight the inevitable
The tug and pull of heart and mind
Mind and heart

One of them will get it right
One of them won’t f**k up
It’s math, it’s science, it’s destiny, it’s fate
You can’t be wrong every time

Oh no I f**ked up
The good parts are divided
They cannot make whole
I’m pieces and f**k ups and screw ups and more

Maybe if I could put myself right
But there isn’t anything to try
Parts are missing, unglued, undone
I can’t find them they’re gone

Parts of me are lost
Replaced and replaced; I’m not myself
I’m others in fragments
Not myself but them

They are not good but neither I am

Sara Johnston is a Psychology student who loves reading, writing, and cuddling with her rabbit.

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