Humans of Nipissing U- Sarah McGowan

Humans of Nipissing U- Sarah McGowan

What is something you’ve learned about yourself in the past year?

“I would have to say probably self-care is more important than I thought, and to take the advice that you give to others. I think that that’s really important because it’s one thing to tell people to look after themselves and be there for them, but when you’re by yourself at the end of the day and you’re stressed out to the max, you kind of go “I need to kind of take that” like my own advice sort of thing, and I think that’s important. Sort of realize that the way that society has constructed these expectations for post-secondary education students, I think it places a lot of stress and anxiety on students and I think it really harms their creativity and harms like where they would be or go in life… and I’m not saying university is bad at all but it just… I can definitely see where students have a lot more put on them than maybe like 20 years ago. And so I think it’s important to kind of take a step back and see like what you want, because at the end of the day, it’s you working at a job or you running after a career and not your parents or a significant other or something. So I think that’s probably important. And I’ve learned a lot… for myself, I’ve learned a lot from other people’s mistakes this year, but I’ve also learned a tremendous amount from my own mistakes and I think it’s important to kind of go back and look at it and say like “What did I get from this?” instead of just saying “I regret it”. I think that it’s good to go through bad experiences because it makes you grow as a person. I think that’s what I’ve learned this year. That and how to self-care.”

Sarah McGowan

Photo by ©Isaac Bender

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