NUSU Cares

NUSU Cares

Our Goal

Campaigns are a very important part of what NUSU does. Our campaigns intend to challenge society’s stereotypes, and bring awareness and support to issues that affect our students. We have hosted the following campaigns during this academic year:

Respect Campaign

The Spread the Word to End the Word movement works to make the world a more accepting place for people with intellectual abilities through education. By educating others about intellectual disabilities we move towards allyship

NUSU’s Respect Campaign promoted this message by having students sign the Respect Campaign banner, and make a pledge to combat ignorance and replace with education.

BellLetsTalk Day with Nipissing 

The #BellLetsTalk is a campaign to increase awareness, reduce stigma, and change behaviours and attitudes about mental health issues. Let’s talk about what matters most. Nipissing has a mission to defeat the stigma around mental health and encourage students to talk about their wellbeing.

Let’s Talk About Consent, Baby

This campaign aims to teach students about consent culture on campus, how it’s going, and where it’s headed. NUSU invited a panel of amazing student leaders who spoke about the important issues still facing everyone day to day.


Nipissing University students and NUSU Executive members participated in Movember, where they raised money to support prostate and testicular cancer research as well as men’s mental health awareness.

Weighing In On Men’s Health

This event was part of the Movember campaign, and provided students with workout tips to improve their overall health and workout goals!

Goodlife Fitness hosted a work out demonstrations workshop for FREE to all Nipissing University Students!

NUSU Cares

NUSUCares looks after the Awareness Campaigns for NUSU and organizes events and social media campaigns.

NUSU Cares is looking for new members for next year. We are looking for people with great ideas, who are passionate about wanting to make a change on campus through different ways, and wanting to educate others on multiple topics.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]. Fill out an Application Form here:


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